Monroe refuses to celebrate Hopkins sacking

Of all the people who might be expected to have a view on outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins losing her Daily Mail column, the food blogger and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe would be high on many people’s lists.

But Monroe, who won a libel case against Hopkins in March 2017, has chosen to rise above the gloating that many other commentators have indulged in.

As a columnist paid to stir up controversy, Hopkins (a former Apprentice contestant) certainly made her employers at the Daily Mail and LBC rub their hands in glee at all the viral publicity that her outspoken views generated… until she went too far in a Twitter spat with Monroe. She accused Monroe of supporting the vandalism of a war memorial. This outraged Monroe as her father had served in the British Army, leading to the libel action.

But after winning a crushing victory in the High Court, followed by Hopkins losing her job at talk radio station LBC, Monroe was in no mood to gloat about the news that even the Daily Mail had now ditched Britain’s most famous professional troll “by mutual consent”.

It isn’t all down to compassion and piety, though. Monroe is wary of making a martyr of a right-wing populist contrarian who will only end up wearing her fall from mainstream media grace as a badge of honour in a more extreme publication such as Breitbart.

As Hopkins’ demise has been met with glee on much of social media, Monroe’s subdued and dignified reaction is food for thought.

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