WYC founder Paul Gardner is a journalist, copywriter and PR consultant with more than 25 years of experience across traditional media (including newswires, national and regional press, broadcasters and Teletext) and digital content. This has included 10 years of exercising critical editorial judgements ahead of the competition in the Press Association’s fast-paced and agenda-setting breaking news environment, as well as diverse experience in online media with a good working knowledge (including Google certification) of SEO, PPC, social media management, brand management and content strategy.

His journalistic career also embraced an award-winning stint as a reporter/sub-editor at the Hampstead & Highgate Express (aka the ‘Ham & High’) as well as freelance and short-term contract work for a diverse range of clients including the BBC, ITN, Daily Mirror, Mail Online, The Guardian, Time Out, Johnston Press (Selby Times), Dennis Publishing (The Week magazine), Bauer Consumer Media, York College, York Press, Liverpool Daily Post, Manchester Evening News and Stockport Express. read more


West Yorks Comms (WYC) is a Leeds-based content service for all your editorial, PR, communications, copywriting and digital marketing needs.

Headed by Paul Gardner, a professional writer and editor with decades of journalistic and copywriting experience, WYC offers a full range of services from writing press releases and handling media inquiries to the creation of sparkling bespoke web content that will get you noticed.


Buyer beware – cheap deals can be costly

Cheap copywriters can cost you more. As with so many other purchases, money saved on buying the cheapest writers out there is often a false economy. You then end up having to shell out again to hire someone competent to get the work done properly. In other words: “Buy cheap, buy twice.”  The hidden costs can come to more than just rewriting bad copy too, especially if the writer hasn’t kept up to date with our ever-changing and increasingly complex media law.

Quality seldom comes cheap
Penny wise, pound foolish?

You may be able to find cheaper writers (although WYC rates are very competitive), but the hard-earned reputation of your brand could be at stake through sloppy content, your web presence could be harmed by out-of-date SEO practices like keyword stuffing, and an incompetent writer could even cause you costly lawyers’ bills.   read more

Bitcoin: will the bubble burst?

Bitcoin frenzy: human thumbs popping bubblewrap
Will the Bitcoin bubble burst or keep inflating?

Suddenly everyone is an expert on Bitcoin after the cryptocurrency surged past the $10,0000 mark this week, peaking at $11,000 before tumbling down to $9,442 at the time of writing. Not bad for a currency that started the year valued at $1,000.

Amid all the feeding frenzy, there is no shortage of advice by self-appointed experts on this cyberspace gold rush. There are essentially two camps – in the blue corner, we have the conventional market traders who are trash talking this upstart currency; while in the red, we have the Bitcoin traders who are keen to drum up new business. read more


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